About the company

Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a multifaceted transport equipment manufacturer active on the global stage under three key pillars: Subaru Automobile Business; Aerospace Company; Industrial Products company Since the Subaru 360 was released in 1958, Subaru has been consistently aiming to produce vehicles that offer high safety in all road conditions, excellent driving performance, and intelligent packaging. This concept is applied to each and every vehicle that Subaru produces. Subaru’s symmetrical All Wheel Drive (AWD) was developed as an extension of this concept. And the power train has been designed to be perfectly symmetrical left and right with the compact, low center of gravity Horizontally-Opposed Engine (SUBARU BOXER) at its heart. Subaru believes that these technologies enable owners to control their vehicles exactly as they intend to, and it is this level of ideal performance that Subaru is striving for. And this is backed with reliable driving performance in any weather and road conditions. Driving safety is also fine-tuned to exceptional levels together with crash safety and prevention safety.

Subaru Norway is one of the pioneers of Norwegian car industry and was founded 9 April 1940, now representing Subaru in Norway. Located at Skytta just outside Oslo, Norway, delivering superior services to 40+ Dealers along our country.

Project & results

“This is to verify that ResultatPartner AS and Ronny A. Nilsen has been the Head Trainer for Subaru Academy starting beginning of 2014 until 2019. The Academy was customized towards our specific needs based on pre-work-training with some chosen Dealers as well as participants from HQ.

The Academy is an intense program covering all levels at Dealership, 3 months duration, 6 days Trainings, around 20 hours per participant doing pre- and postmarks related to the topics and own KPI`s and Trainings committed in an individual Training Plan, measuring and tracking performance, results, skills and knowledge by Improve Systems; a web-based performance management systems and an exam at the end focusing on measurable effects and value.

Participant and target groups has been top-/middle management from sales and service as well as all sales representatives and service-advisors throughout our 40+ Dealerships in Norway.


Results so far has been astonishing with 91% average score and Gold level!

These results tells us we have succeeded well in our investment and so far around 170 people has attended. We will continue investing in our Dealership knowledge, skills and performance. Ronny is a structured, enthusiastic and result-oriented person who brings high quality, value and commitment into our Trainings.

We can highly recommend ResultatPartner and Ronny in such trainings.

Respectfully yours,
Jan-Kare Holmedal (CEO),
Stian Thrane (Information Director),
Torbjorn Lie (Sales Director Sales)
Tore Laskerud (Director Aftersales)