Assessment is a systematic approach to personal assessment, which provides a solid basis for decisions about recruitment at the start and end stages of an interview.

Run Knowledge Tests on knowledge, methodology, product, market.

Run Skill Tests for Leaders, Sales, Service advisors to measure levels.

Run Reference Tests in a better way than emails. Personalised. Effective.

Performance Dashboard comparing candidate profile vs. your benchmark.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Our four-dimensional approach is unique on the market.


Firstly; by offering first a newly modeled CV, we standardize and optimize all data collected.

Personality Evaluation.

Secondly, each person undertakes a Personality Evaluation.

Due to our partnership we can illustrate hidden soft skills, abilities that no CV can show.

Skills- & Knowledge Profiles.

Thirdly, each person undertakes a Skill-Based-Profile Evaluation as well as a Knowledge Test related to each job category if required.

Pre-recorded Video interviews.

The third and final dimension consists of a pre-recorded interview. Each applicant will have four questions to answer while recording himself by webcam in front of a PC. The interview consists of two open questions and two hidden questions that are randomly selected by our system. The package of four standardized HR questions, normally asked during a first phone interview, offers each individual to add a visual aspect to its profile.

By putting the above-mentioned four dimensions on one platform, Improve Recruitment is reinventing the aspect of employability profile display fundamentally.

Our Team

We have been into this business for almost 30 years and we have a proven track record. We only work with professionals and with external partners with strong and solid values as well experience. Our team of recruiters are reliable.