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We provide Executive Search and Selection for a variety of roles and industries.


Leadership hiring is a process of recruiting an intermediate to senior level candidate for a middle or top management position i.e. individuals who are responsible for others.


Sales hiring is a process of recruiting sales consultants specialising in B2B and B2C sales. Roles such as Key Account Manager, Partner Account Manager.


Service hiring is a process of recruiting service advisors and customer care specialists. Customer focused and service oriented representatives. 


Assessment is a systematic approach to personal assessment, which provides a solid basis for decisions about recruitment at the start and end stages of an interview.


The Improve Performance Group is for people who is passionate about cutting-edge ways to improve performance. Join private groups and forums, webinar, trainings related to recruitment.


Our quality assessment check assist you you at any stage of your recruitment process. We can serve you as a “second opinion” during interviews or we can simply check references as well diplomas.


Screening candidates and clients is an essential part of recruitment for both parties—but it’s also time-consuming and challenging to get best fit. From endless phone interviews to time wasted on candidates and employers who just doesnt fit you as a candidate that don’t fit the role, there are many ways the candidate and client screening process could improve. Luckily, there are a few different options available to help ease the process.

By Skills; screening candidates by scraping CVs for important keywords and skill sets. They’re especially useful for companies that engage in high-volume hiring, as they help automate the lengthy process of sifting through CVs manually. Likewise; we help you as our candidate to run a self-assessment stating your true level of skills helping you to stand out.

By Video; Video interviewing tools are an excellent resource for screening candidates digitally as well connecting candidates and clients a digital way. They’re more efficient than interviewing candidates in person and are extremely helpful for hiring out-of-town and remote employees from a distance.

Live Chat; enable users to run live chat meetings one on one or even in groups with participants joining live chat meetings. 

Worlds of innovation

At Improve Recruitment, we plan to build leading edge AI based recruitment software, gathering all the best practices of recruitment on one single software. Recruitment teams are able to create highly innovative candidate experience and digitalize your recruitment process with an all-in-one hiring software that covers all needs. Our technology enables to automate the first steps of the recruitment process and save recruiters a large amount of time, while facilitating collaborative hiring.

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Time is money

These days, recruiting employees without the help of technology is almost unthinkable.

The three biggest challenges related to recruitment is;

  1. Shortage of suitable candidates is the biggest recruitment challenge for businesses across Europe.
  2. The cost of offering competitive salaries or benefits packages, with 15% of companies saying they are not able to compete with larger businesses in the area.
  3. The time spent trying to find the best suitable candidate – and time spent finding suitable jobs from a candidate perspective.
Our mission is therefore; “Simplifying recruitment”.