Hiring Managers and Leaders

Leadership and Manager Recruitment

Leadership hiring
 is a process of recruiting an intermediate to senior level candidate for a middle or top management position i.e. individuals who are responsible for others.

Our recruitment philosophy focus equally on clients as well on you as a valuable candidates needs.

Our vision is “Connecting Clients and Candidates in a simplified way“!


Our network is mainly for positions within the Oslo region, but we also work regionally. We draw on considerable knowledge of regional business and over the years we have built up a solid database consisting of a multidisciplinary network of candidates in and outside the region.

Ethical guidelines

Our actions will support the industry in a positive way. We treat clients and candidates in the same way we want to be treated. We need to know the markets we work with. We must know and obey laws and regulations.

We carry out our tasks with integrity and avoid actions that can be deceptive. Information must be correct, and we must formulate clearly and clearly.

We carry out our tasks competently and with the right level of knowledge, thoroughness and pace.

We carry out objective and impartial assessments in our assignments, and consider relevant facts.

We are precise in our communication with customers and candidates, and encourage a good sharing of relevant and accurate information.

We respect confidential information that customers and candidates share with us following GDPR standards.

We want to serve our customers loyally and protect the interests of both clients and candidates when we carry out assignments.

We are innovative and creative in our processes. We focus on continuous and systematic improvement of our processes. We shall at all times seek the best solutions across professional, organizational and geographical boundaries.

Hiring Managers

We are offering expertise in the following positions:


  • CEO
  • CTO
  • COO
  • Sales Director
  • HR Director
  • Service Director
  • Consultancy Director
  • Finance Director
  • Sales Managers
  • Team Lead
  • Project Managers


  • IT / ICT
  • Bank / Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Auto

If this is interesting – how do we go forward?

Just send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours for a talk.

Mail: post@resultatpartner.no