About the company

In 2015, it is twenty three years since our story began. The story of the Airport Express Train is about clear goals and sky-high ambitions, about a slightly troubled start and a very good continuation. This is our story.Actually, the modern history of Oslo’s Airport Express Train did not start till 1998. In a way, everything that happened before that, was part of the preparatory phase. We were a new company with an opportunity to do things differently.Admittedly, we set out from an excellent starting point. Yet this alone would not have been enough. We needed people who wanted to achieve things – a team who were willing to work hard and give that little extra, every single day. Together we have tried and failed, tried again, learnt our lessons and succeeded.In 2014 a total of 6.8 million people travelled by the Airport Express Train. We achieved a punctuality rate of 97 per cent and a customer satisfaction rate of 97.4 per cent. People have bestowed an enormous amount of trust in us, which is something we will never take for granted. We are constantly working to become a little better. We never give up. For at the end of the day, today’s story about the Oslo Airport Express Train is only the beginning. We hope you will join us for the next chapter.

Project & results

Flytoget had just finished an internal Employee Satisfaction Survey stating some teamwork and collaboration challenges especially from IT-department throughout the whole company.

Second challenge was based on critical low scores on Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Something needed to be done.

ResultatPartner was hired to conduct a customized Training for the IT-department. Steering Group was established with clear goals and mission.

Our working model:
  1. Step one; Performance-analysis. Defining strong and weak areas, KPI`s, Goals and Actions.
  2. Step two; Develop customized and practical content.
  3. Step three; Provide practical Training and get people committed to the actions.
  4. Step four; Follow up, measure, communicate, motivate, feedback, implement strategies into actions.
  5. Step five; Secure process. Visualize progress. Adjust goals and actions. Execute new strategies.


After one year; we improved dramatically employee satisfaction index with clear effect on internal cooperation, motivation and collaborations. Secondly; Flytoget raised from 8th place to # 1 on the largest Customer Satisfaction Survey amongst 180 different industries.

Our project continued for another 2 years .“I’ve hired ResultatPartner for several occasions for building management teams and management coaching. They got a great concept which works in real life. Good balance between theory and practical training, direct and honest coaching style which gives fast results”.

– Oscar Engeli, IT-Direktor.